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About Security Fog.

Security fog fills a room in seconds to create a dense, harmless barrier that obscures your property and prevents theft, violence and vandalism.

What’s it made from?

Security fog is a thermally generated white fog that can fill a room in seconds. It’s made up of a harmless glycol or glycerine solution that is safe to breathe, causes no skin irritation and leaves no residue behind.

How does it work?

The glycerine solution is passed through a thermally regulated heater block that turns the liquid into a fine vapour. This is then propelled with great power from a generator unit to fill an area in seconds.

How long does it last?

Our security fog has a slow settle rate, meaning it can effectively protect an area for up to 45 minutes after activation. After this, the area will gradually clear, leaving all people, equipment and goods unaffected.

Why choose us?

We’ve spent decades dedicating ourselves to the science of keeping people safe, and perfecting our fog security systems. We’re always innovating to make the best and most advanced technology available to you.

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